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VOST Europe participation in STRATEGY’s project event in Rome

As an external expert and practitioner organisation, VOST Europe was invited to participate in the STRATEGY project event that took place in Rome on February 15th and 16th,  2023. The event was organized by the STRATEGY consortium, which aims to improve the interoperability of systems, tools and operational procedures in the crisis management domain1.

The event consisted of a series of workshops, presentations and demonstrations that showcased the progress and achievements of the STRATEGY project so far. The main topics covered were:

  • The Pan-European pre-standardisation framework for crisis management systems, which defines a common set of requirements, specifications and guidelines for interoperability1.
  • The STRATEGY platform, which integrates various existing and novel technologies for data collection, analysis, visualization and communication during crises1.
  • The STRATEGY scenarios, which simulate different types of disasters (earthquake, flood, wildfire) in different European regions (Italy, Spain, Greece) and involve multiple stakeholders (first responders, authorities, citizens)

VOST Europe contributed to the event by sharing its experience and expertise on digital volunteering and social media in emergency management. VOST Europe  participated actively in the workshops and discussions with other experts from academia, industry and public sector. VOST Europe also presented its vision and mission as a federation of Virtual Operations Support Teams across Europe, as well as its current activities and projects.

VOST Europe was pleased to be part of this important initiative that aims to enhance the resilience and preparedness of European societies against natural disasters and other events. VOST Europe believes that interoperability is a key factor for effective crisis management and that digital volunteers can play a vital role in supporting first responders and authorities with reliable information from social media.

VOST Europe looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the STRATEGY project partners and stakeholders until its completion in 2024.

For more information about the STRATEGY project visit the project’s website or follow it on Twitter 

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